Prof. Dr. Ulrike Steffens
Prof. Dr. Ulrike SteffensComputer Science
My research focus lies on enterprise architecture management, business process management, and the way in which organizations manage the digital transformation, both from a technical and an organizational perspective.
Prof. Dr. Stefan Sarstedt
Prof. Dr. Stefan SarstedtComputer Science
I’m especially taking care of software architecture issues, as well as the technical infrastructure and software development tooling & environments.
Prof. Dr. Martin Schultz
Prof. Dr. Martin SchultzBusiness Informatics
Prof. Schultz deals with topics related to the design and usage of information systems in companies with particular focus on enterprise resource planning (ERP), Business Intelligence, Data Mining, Business Process Management, Process Mining and IT Management from an internal and external audit perspective.
Prof. Dr. Olaf Zukunft
Prof. Dr. Olaf ZukunftBig Data Engineering
Prof. Zukunft deals with topics related to the engineering of big data solutions. This includes architectures for big data solutions and all elements of the big data lifecycle like data ingestion, data integration and storage, and the processing and analysis of big data.
Prof. Dr. Marina Tropmann-Frick
Prof. Dr. Marina Tropmann-FrickData Science