AHOI – Forum 4.0

Online user comments, such as journalistic content or product features are associated with low quality, Hate speech or even excessive demands for moderation. Forum 4.0 will develop new methods based on text analysis, machine learning (with Human in the Loop) and Empirical Software Engineering to better exploit the constructive and deliberative potential of user comments. The aim is to systematically analyze, aggregate and visualize the content and quality of comments at runtime in order to enable constructive participation. The project builds on our previous work with social scientists and aims for an informatics-centered, interdisciplinary research network that combines the focal points “Information Governance Technologies” and “Data Science” of ahoi.digital. We foresee immense transfer potential for the media location of Hamburg. This project involves five research groups (Prof. Maalej, Prof. Biemann, Prof. Zukunft, Prof. Stöcker, PD. Loosen) in a collaboration with Hamburg University and Hans-Bredow-Institut.


Digitization for Optimization of Facility Operation

Our project partner operates a large industry park for different chemical plants. It runs a number of processes like e.g. the purification of chemical effluents. For each process there is a small group of employees holding the specific knowledge of how it is carried out and of what has to be done in case of incidents. In order to relieve them from emergency duties and to ensure knowledge propagation, we develop a solution driven by an underlying business process engine which is integrated with services making available digital knowledge artifacts for single process steps and with a learning component which derives process knowledge from occurring incidents.


HOOU Enterprise Architecture Management

The Hamburg Open Online University is an initiative which fosters the provision of online educational resources. Within this initiative our group develops material for enterprise architecture courses comprising concrete models of application landscapes, infrastructure and business processes as well as particular planning and evolution assignments. The resulting material can be used for educating computer science students and training professionals.


Intelligent Support for Knowledge Intensive Processes

Our project partner consults enterprises how to raise funding for their research and development projects. For each customer the consultants have to bring together knowledge concerning the respective customer's business and research fields, former projects, possible partners and competitors. This knowledge has to be mapped against typical research funding initiatives often documented in large sets of documents comprising hundreds of pages of information. We support the consultants in their working process by providing them with services for filtering project databases and documents as well as for easily collecting semantic knowledge about enterprises, projects and research topics. These services rely on recent concepts in the areas of information retrieval, semantic annotation and multi-model databases.